You’ve Got Your Baby Back


I finally found it! YES!!! <:’D

I still can’t believe but, yes! I found it! Tears of joy. T.T

Blame it on the klutz that I am, but the important thing right now is that I finally found this previously-MIA memory card. Now I don’t have to pay for any could-have-been memory card replacements. Ate Mona, you’ve got your baby back! <:’)

Gosh, God is really awesome. I want to remember that it was God’s grace that helped me find this. I was looking for this painstakingly yesterday and I told myself that I would be giving up if by 8 AM today I won’t be able to find it. Although I never accepted that to be an option because, well, I just felt that it wasn’t an option. And I found it! I was laying down in bed, having just woken up this morning and, I don’t know man, it was as if God whispered into my head that the memory card must have been in my pants – the pants I wore the last time I saw the memcard last June 25 when We Are The World Day CdO was happening. And before I knew it, voila! It was there inside my pants’ side pocket! Unbelievable.

Now I can definitely confirm John Smith’s “The Experience of the Holy” in our philosophy class. Crucial times could be an opportunity to make a connection with the Other. Or something like that.

I should definitely go celebrate with a Candymag read. Ciao! ❤


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