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Updates Updates


Hi all!

So, life so far. I made a timeline for all the activities I need to do for the next weeks. I still have to do fundraising, plane ticket bookings, and intellectual preparation for everything. Up for the challenge? Def yeah!


So! I e-mailed the APMUN Secretariat last Sundat and they finally responded this morning. Good thing the first thing I did when I woke up was check my email. I sent a request for something and they said that they could furnish me something to address my concern. That was nice. I hope they respond in time. I’m not used to the “long” duration of not getting an email back after more than one day; Global Changemakers usually sends me an e-mail back a day after. But I guess APMUN just has a different way of doing things. I suppose they’re just busy with things right now. One of my teachers in school mentioned that the United Nations usually take a long time to reply to e-mails. It’s alright, though.

My timeline is quite jam-packed with books and fundraising schemes right now. I need to raise P1000+ by Wednesday ’cause I found promo fares by Seair Airlines from Clark to Bangkok for only P1,999. Thing is, I have to book by July 25. I already have some on-hand funds from my last fundraising. I’ll be working on getting the other half in the next two days. Go me!

I also devised a time plan for the trip, hopefully. If it’s in God’s plan, I’ll be leaving Cagayan de Oro on September 18 and I’ll come back on September 26. That’s a long time. I actually have plans after the conference. I hope it will all go well, in God’s time. I kinda calculated the number of days I’ll be absent with the number of days I was absent for my attendance in the GYSummit last November in mind. There’s a science behind it but I’ll share that next time. 🙂

I’ll share my timeline with you guys next time as well. For now, I have to go chow down some dinner, work on my elevator pitch (a 30-second speech you use to promote your project/cause/etc. [learned it during the Global Youth Summit!]), and create an action plan for fundraising tomorrow and Tuesday. Along with school requirements and Action Club management. God bless to me.





Travel Video a la Rockett, Anyone?


So I got inspired from Jenny Rockett’s videos in her blog. The videos she posts are often creative Youtube stuff with a travel theme. All of it is really nice to watch.

Check out my scour for today. There was supposed to be this other video where this filmmaker traveled the world in a year and it was really cool; I just forgot to copy the URL. So enjoy this hair-winding one from YourEvilTwin:

Riding Solo


Honestly, I’m a bit sad about my course mates’ feelings about what I’m doing.

On the one hand, I don’t think I’ve heard any positive comments about my attendance to the Asia Pacific Model UN (APMUN). Well, initially, my classmates did sound a bit enthusiastic, notably my friend whom we shall call by the pseudo-name M, and one of our blatant classmates.

But I rather forgot about all those initial enthusiasms when I found out just this afternoon that I really was going to Thailand in an independent fiasco. No companions and no classmates. Normally, I wouldn’t say the next sentences out loud, but there are no other words for it. To describe it best: I’m going to the APMUN solo. By myself. Just me, myself, and I.

I wasn’t really expecting anyone to go there with me anyway. I mean, you know us Filipinos. We all love the free trips – the ones that don’t need any effort to go to. All we expect to need are our senses of humor, and for us, we’re already packed.

But honestly, the attitude of only going to international conferences because they’re free is rather limiting. One goes to a conference – and a youth conference at that – so that one can learn, so that one can gain experiences that won’t normally come at any day. I’ve heard of friends of mine who got accepted to attend international conferences and summits but weren’t able to go because they weren’t able to raise the necessary funds to pay for airfare and other commodities (such agencies organizing conferences like in this example are the one shouldering costs for only the registration fee, etc., and airfare, accommodations, and food were sometimes the responsibility of the participants). I think my friends’ opportunities really were sayang. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes inevitable fundraising problems do come up. These inevitable problems are understandable. And I don’t really know the whole stories of these people on why they weren’t able to raise funds for such reasons anyway, so I don’t have the right to comment.  What I don’t understand, however, is the choice of a person to forego an opportunity such as an international gathering just because it wasn’t a free, all-expense-paid event.

I guess during times like these, I really do try to remind myself why I am doing this in the first place. I’m doing this because I want to make a difference in the world, in my own way, and I believe that an opportunity for me to mingle with the very international body that has become the epitome of international cooperation and camaraderie – the United Nations – is something that does not come every day. This is my last year being a regular student. This time next year, who knows what God has in plan for me. I wouldn’t know what I’ll be doing by July 2013 – nobody does – but all I do know is that, I don’t want to live my future life thinking about what could have happened if I attended the APMUN. I don’t want to have any regrets. I have actually heard of “Model United Nations” before, last summer actually, during my searches for career paths. And from my research, I have really found out that participation in a Model UN could really help you if you want to pursue a career in the United Nations. I checked out this “True Story” thing on the UN website and there was an intern in the UN who was from Kenya (I forgot her name, forgive me) who participated in a Model UN during her student years and she said that that really helped her with pursuing and getting her internship. Well, she said it along those lines. And so from then on, I told myself that if ever similar opportunities would present themselves, I would definitely take it, if its’ in God’s will. From what I’ve found out, though, UN internships are really competitive, as my sources have stated, because a lot of people compete for UN vacancies. It’s a job market that everyone wants to work in. Thus, I believe that even though I am, as of the moment, still far away from being close to UN status, I am still on the right track, because Model UN is rather like a boot-camp for aspiring United Nations ingenues (that’s my idea, anyway), and as idealistic as I may sound, I believe it wouldn’t hurt to try a little adventure.

So to sum up, let me relate a thought-trail I was thinking of a few minutes ago while I was eating dinner. I wondered about who was the first pioneer who actually made foreign master’s pursuance a possibility for International Studies students in our university, Xavier. Who was the first I.S. graduate who pursued further studies abroad and inspired a chain of I.S. students (which run to this day) to also do so?

As philosophical as my thoughts go, I realized that pioneers who make the first step to the unknown are the very people we need in order to prove to the world that there really can be countless possibilities – that “never” can be doable. That all the things we think of that make us think we can’t do something can be outwitted by all the things that encourage us that we can do it! That positivity will always kick negativity’s butt anytime.

So here’s to new experiences and new risks. New opportunities to make the most of another new adventure.

Blogging Muses


Two blogs I really love:

  1. This one’s Jenny Rockett’s “Trans Mongolian Diaries“. Jenny Rockett has always been an inspiration for me. She’s a globe-trotter, a Filipina, and a very creative photojournalist who has really good taste in video blog entries. She’s worked as a photojourn to the United Nations. I may not be able to write a description that could deserving-ly sum her up – and gawd knows she might read this someday – but I think her travel blog last year on her trip from Hong Kong to Paris via trans-Mongolian rail is very inspiring. She’s a good blogger, writing very reflecting insights about travel and the highs and challenges of it. She also posts really cute video entries related to travel that are very inspiring as well. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jenny Rockett since I was in the 6th grade when I bought my first issue of Candy (the Philippines’ number one teen magazine). November 2003 issue. She was the cover and I loved every bit of that issue. Reminded me of the good days back in 2003, when I was 10 and W.I.T.C.H. was my passion and life was soaked in inspiration. Life can still become that way, I know. 😉
  2. The second blog is none other than *Ate  Anna Oposa’s “ANNAlysis“. To avoid any caught-in-the-act fangirl moments, I shall only say as much, that Anna Oposa’s refreshing style of writing – the unique, carefree and bugoy quality of it all – is a whole lotta fun to read and I love checking out all her adventures being a quote-and-quote “Mermaid” in the world of environmental activism. You could trust Ate Anna to inject a little humor in life. 🙂 Again, I may not be able to write a description remotely worthy of Anna Oposa, but let me just say that it’s nice to have pure-blood Filipino women like her whom women like me can look up to. Fearless, intelligent (she graduated cum laude at the University of the Philippines, people!), independent, and passionate – that’s the kind of women Filipinas should look up to! And you’re wondering, why am I calling her Ate? Because she’s a part of the global network I’m a part of – Global Changemakers – and that makes me grateful for opportunities to meet amazing young changemakers.

So yeah. Anecdotes for the day.

Much love! CC. ❤


*”Ate” is a Filipino term of endearment for older sister or a girl who is a few years older than you


You’ve Got Your Baby Back


I finally found it! YES!!! <:’D

I still can’t believe but, yes! I found it! Tears of joy. T.T

Blame it on the klutz that I am, but the important thing right now is that I finally found this previously-MIA memory card. Now I don’t have to pay for any could-have-been memory card replacements. Ate Mona, you’ve got your baby back! <:’)

Gosh, God is really awesome. I want to remember that it was God’s grace that helped me find this. I was looking for this painstakingly yesterday and I told myself that I would be giving up if by 8 AM today I won’t be able to find it. Although I never accepted that to be an option because, well, I just felt that it wasn’t an option. And I found it! I was laying down in bed, having just woken up this morning and, I don’t know man, it was as if God whispered into my head that the memory card must have been in my pants – the pants I wore the last time I saw the memcard last June 25 when We Are The World Day CdO was happening. And before I knew it, voila! It was there inside my pants’ side pocket! Unbelievable.

Now I can definitely confirm John Smith’s “The Experience of the Holy” in our philosophy class. Crucial times could be an opportunity to make a connection with the Other. Or something like that.

I should definitely go celebrate with a Candymag read. Ciao! ❤