Writings on the (Boarding) Plane


Hi journal. ^_^

I’m in my first airplane now. 5J 390. The song playing in the plane right now is Coldplay’s The Scientist. I’m totally reminded of him. Don’t know what emoticon deserves to be used in this situation. I mean, my shoes’re soaked, I’m sitting in this awesome airplane, the plane floor is slippery as heck. And wow, the song just ended. But I don’t know, I believe there’s a reason why that song was there. I’m going to Manila! ^_^ The heck I’m underpacked yet again but it’s okay…


The song in the plane right now is If You Ever Come Back by The Script. Love the song! Looks like I’ve found a song to finally cover! Haha. 😀 (Note to self: I really miss my guitar now… -_- [present Colleen])

It’s kinda weird to think nga just this morning, t’was like very very freakishly busy and stressed. But now, I’m alright. ^_^ I think I can finally relax here. 🙂

And why man nag-raaain. @.@ Seriously. @.@


Okay. This is the trip I’ve been planning for 2 months, 3 even. I should get myself in a New York State of Mind. xD Yerayt. xD

I think I’m gonna stop writing now. So! It’s me. I’m off to Manila. I LOVE the smell of the plane. Gonna make the most of the flight now. First flight I’ve had in 2012! Woot! 😀

Gonna be leaving in 10 minutes now. Weee. 🙂

And I want to go to MOA! @.@

P.S. And guess the hizzy what? I won the Song Game on the airplane! I guessed Maroon 5 to their song called Payphone and I won a really cute bag (really handy to put all my small stuff for bringing in the hostel common room! :D).


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