Blogging Muses


Two blogs I really love:

  1. This one’s Jenny Rockett’s “Trans Mongolian Diaries“. Jenny Rockett has always been an inspiration for me. She’s a globe-trotter, a Filipina, and a very creative photojournalist who has really good taste in video blog entries. She’s worked as a photojourn to the United Nations. I may not be able to write a description that could deserving-ly sum her up – and gawd knows she might read this someday – but I think her travel blog last year on her trip from Hong Kong to Paris via trans-Mongolian rail is very inspiring. She’s a good blogger, writing very reflecting insights about travel and the highs and challenges of it. She also posts really cute video entries related to travel that are very inspiring as well. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jenny Rockett since I was in the 6th grade when I bought my first issue of Candy (the Philippines’ number one teen magazine). November 2003 issue. She was the cover and I loved every bit of that issue. Reminded me of the good days back in 2003, when I was 10 and W.I.T.C.H. was my passion and life was soaked in inspiration. Life can still become that way, I know. 😉
  2. The second blog is none other than *Ate  Anna Oposa’s “ANNAlysis“. To avoid any caught-in-the-act fangirl moments, I shall only say as much, that Anna Oposa’s refreshing style of writing – the unique, carefree and bugoy quality of it all – is a whole lotta fun to read and I love checking out all her adventures being a quote-and-quote “Mermaid” in the world of environmental activism. You could trust Ate Anna to inject a little humor in life. 🙂 Again, I may not be able to write a description remotely worthy of Anna Oposa, but let me just say that it’s nice to have pure-blood Filipino women like her whom women like me can look up to. Fearless, intelligent (she graduated cum laude at the University of the Philippines, people!), independent, and passionate – that’s the kind of women Filipinas should look up to! And you’re wondering, why am I calling her Ate? Because she’s a part of the global network I’m a part of – Global Changemakers – and that makes me grateful for opportunities to meet amazing young changemakers.

So yeah. Anecdotes for the day.

Much love! CC. ❤


*”Ate” is a Filipino term of endearment for older sister or a girl who is a few years older than you



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