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Let the Blogging Beh-gin


The heck. I was meaning to blog about my experiences now; felt my head getting really screwed up ’cause I just had a long day and I guess someone reading this wouldn’t really understand but, um, I’m gonna keep writing! Aja, Colleen! I can dooo this. >:D

Simply because memories could fade and it’s about time I start doing some action if I ever want this blog to be what it was supposed to be! Action, baby, and it’s about time I started living that. Woot. \m/


Confirm Your Identity


Seriously? Siya jud? I just logged in to my Facebook account, in Bangkok right now, and I had to confirm a friend’s name tagged in photos to confirm my identity and my account and his photos showed up so I was like, “What do you want me to understand by this?!” Hahay.




Whoooo. Ah, I’m really excited about the trip already. <:’)

I’m currently doing some application stuff right now. Doing budgeting, checking out places, going on Google maps, and reading all these travel forums are psyching me up. <:’D

I really do hope God will put everything in place…and that He will give me the grace to do all the preparations on time. Go Lord! Go CC. :3 ♥

Learning Thai, I See?



So, currently learning the language at this very moment in the Internet.

Came across this really useful website that has basic Thai phrases with audio. Check it out: Omniglot, the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. 🙂

Alsoo, Sir Jhon Magkilat, our French teacher this sem, gave us some useful links on where to practice our French (but in this case, I think I’m gonna use the links for practicing my Thai, hehe >:D). Speak with native speakers in an interactive environment at