Hostels and Excitement


Gosh, I’m really excited about Bangkok now. 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for preparation but I just can’t find the nudge to write what I’ve been up to lately in here. x))

Oh well.

So! I’ve been looking for hostels to stay in. I found this really cute place called Room@Bangkok Bed and Breakfast that is really quirkily decorated and which I’m loving to bits. I hope I could get to stay in there. <:D Hostel authority Hostelworld is the best website to check out hostels all over the world – up-to-date reviews and ratings included.

I changed my mind; I don’t think I’ll be staying at Queen’s Imperial Park Hotel anymore. When I thought about it, 2000 baht per night is just too expensive, man. So I opted to go for hostels instead because according to this website I read (Nomadic Matt), hostels give you more opportunities to meet new people and travelers. So that’s really good. 🙂 I’m convinced; hostels are in. Check out this article on Nomadic Matt called Why I Left a Four Seasons and Moved Into a Hostel.

I’ve also started getting intellectually prepared. Yes, I just started. But I believe nothing’s impossible if you’re persevering.

Rock n roll. 🙂


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