Okay, all. So…I almost decided to call off the trip altogether because –

  1. I wanted to go with my friends’ Malaysia tour this December in, well, Malaysia (they were also gonna attend a conference there)
  2. I back-slided because of all the things happening in my life right now.

But I’m okay now. APMUN is definitely staying. I checked out the site of the conference in Malaysia and I figured: I wanted to go to APMUN more. Malaysia was pretty expensive; the conference fee is $250 plus we had to pay for everything ourselves. I don’t want my parents to pay for that…they deserve better. The thought of visiting Sofia in Malaysia is really tempting, but I guess there has to be a time for everything. Hey, I’ll visit Cris and the other changemakers in Manila, right? Plus, I could also go and see Chin in Manila; I know that would be great as well. ^__^

I’m gonna be thinking of ways to fundraise for accommodation, food, local travel, etc. now.

All of these engagements are really challenging. Action Club and all. A rollercoaster. I’m up and down. Thank goodness I’m up again right now. My Action Club team members’ enthusiasm is very inspiring. The thought of Thailand is very inspiring. I just hope everything will fall into place at the right time.


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