I just received an e-mail from the APMUN Secretariat informing me about the discounted hotel package the APMUN was able to agree upon with the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel! (Check out the APMUN’s website announcement here.) I am just at awe with the awesome arrangements the APMUN was able to make! I hope my future planning for hotel bookings will turn out well.

Check out the Imperial Queen’s’ website here and a sneak-peak of its website below.

Here are some really cool things I was able to appreciate about the hotel room’s benefits:

  • complimentary Internet use
  • complimentary use of swimming pool
  • personal safe deposit box in rooms
  • buffet breakfast
  • transportation benefit (meaning a shuttle will hopefully be provided to transfer delegates one-way to the APMUN venue) given that a minimum of 30 people will book in the Imperial Queen’s.

Therefore, packing a swimsuit might be a good idea. x)) Swimming! Yay. :DDD

I am all but up for every future APMUN challenge now, thanks to God’s grace. Nighty! ♥


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