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Hi all!

So, life so far. I made a timeline for all the activities I need to do for the next weeks. I still have to do fundraising, plane ticket bookings, and intellectual preparation for everything. Up for the challenge? Def yeah!


So! I e-mailed the APMUN Secretariat last Sundat and they finally responded this morning. Good thing the first thing I did when I woke up was check my email. I sent a request for something and they said that they could furnish me something to address my concern. That was nice. I hope they respond in time. I’m not used to the “long” duration of not getting an email back after more than one day; Global Changemakers usually sends me an e-mail back a day after. But I guess APMUN just has a different way of doing things. I suppose they’re just busy with things right now. One of my teachers in school mentioned that the United Nations usually take a long time to reply to e-mails. It’s alright, though.

My timeline is quite jam-packed with books and fundraising schemes right now. I need to raise P1000+ by Wednesday ’cause I found promo fares by Seair Airlines from Clark to Bangkok for only P1,999. Thing is, I have to book by July 25. I already have some on-hand funds from my last fundraising. I’ll be working on getting the other half in the next two days. Go me!

I also devised a time plan for the trip, hopefully. If it’s in God’s plan, I’ll be leaving Cagayan de Oro on September 18 and I’ll come back on September 26. That’s a long time. I actually have plans after the conference. I hope it will all go well, in God’s time. I kinda calculated the number of days I’ll be absent with the number of days I was absent for my attendance in the GYSummit last November in mind. There’s a science behind it but I’ll share that next time. 🙂

I’ll share my timeline with you guys next time as well. For now, I have to go chow down some dinner, work on my elevator pitch (a 30-second speech you use to promote your project/cause/etc. [learned it during the Global Youth Summit!]), and create an action plan for fundraising tomorrow and Tuesday. Along with school requirements and Action Club management. God bless to me.






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