Brothers and Balloons, Booyah!


I’m really at awe with how Andri’s supporting me through all of this, fundraising for Bangkok stuff and all that.

Last Friday, I decided to start on my fundraising since the calculated budget I had made up kiiiinda freaked me out a little bit. The budget’s now at PHP 50,000. So my “Statement of Utter Shock” now goes like, “How the heck am I gonna raise PHP 50,000!?!” xD

A ridiculously OMG face of me back in 2010? x))

Shockers aside, last Friday was a really great day! I decided to sell grilled cheese sandwiches in order to raise PHP 4,000 for my airfare. We (my parents and I) found this advertisement on the papers about Cebu Pacific’s promo flights and they were selling seats from Clark, Pampanga to Bangkok at just something like PHP 1,000+! So how awezum is that? 😀 I found the grilled cheese idea online.

And guess, what? 😀 I was able to raise PHP 236 on Friday through the grilled cheese sandwiches (that’s already minus the cost of the sandwiches) and PHP 300 on Saturday through the egg and mayo sandwiches. So cha-chinggg I already have PHP 536. x)) A bit little, but it’s a start. :3

Though I realized, I think I’m gonna stop doing the sandwiches now. Too time-consuming, energy-zapping, and slow for my fundraising plans. I’ll definitely be starting on other plans this week.

So in Clark, I think I just had a crazy-fun idea to do there, before departing to Bangkok hopefully in September. Clark was an American military air base back in World War II, in the island of Luzon here in the Philippines (I live in the island of Mindanao). So I was thinking—why don’t I……….ride on a hot air balloon in Clark! Eh? xD

It would be soooo cool! <:’D

Imagine me on a hot air balloon. That would definitely be a highlight for thiz year. Hmm. :3

Okay. So, back to the story. Andri. Andri’s my brother. My second kuya (older brother). I have two older brothers, Osel and Andri. Andri’s also schooling at the university where I’m in; he’s finishing his degree in Business Administration.

So I ran into Andri last Friday at the canteen, me with my case of grilled cheese sandwiches at the table, and we decided to eat together. First time doing it in school. ^__^ Long story short, Andri was able to see how determined I was to go to the Model UN and he was like, “Hardcore ka’y ka, Ryl! (That’s so hardcore, Ryl!)” And I was like tossing around the rock ‘n roll hand sign all over the place in response. LOL. x)))

Made by me! xD

So that’s Jackie (my close friend), the one with the straight hair; me in glasses; and Andri eating a whole lotta foooood vrararar. :DDD

So yeah, I have a habit of creating onomatopoeia and punctuation-mark emoticons. x)))

This was us back in 2010. ^__^

So that night, when I got home (after a very exhausting day, honestly, of selling sandwiches – which was a success having sold all 25 grilled cheese sandwiches with only 5% help from the parents!), Andri talked to me and asked me what my fundraising plans were. I told him, “Dri, I’ve got a lot of things planned out. But they’re still plans; I won’t really know what’ll happen in the future. But, if you do want to know what my plans are, I’m planning on approaching politicians for help. You know, Department of Education, city hall, people around those areas. I’m also planning on applying for a Global Changemakers event grant, if the GCM Team will approve my application. I’m also gonna go and ask big companies, etc. In addition, fundraising events will definitely be in order. I need to raise PHP 50,ooo.”

And Andri said something really kind and as I’m writing this, I hope he won’t change his mind. He said, “Okay, Ryl. I want to accompany you in approaching all those people you need to approach. Go for it, Ryl! You’re doing something good. In the meantime, focus on that grant application or whatever. I believe that’s important.”

“I will, Dri.”

And I was all…CRYING MEME! <:’)

And thus, it’s really during times like these that I…just can’t describe how grateful I am. That whatever God has planned for me, for putting this desire in my heart or whatever, might be something right. I’m thankful for brothers and family. Only people who have really supported me all the way, ever since in the beginning. Americans might think it’s uncool or whatever, but family, for me, will always be an important thing, and if it’s uncool, then fine. Maybe I’m not cool. But I am loved, and that’s a blessing that’ll always outweigh “coolness” or whatever. >:DD

Sooo, I’ll end this with a —

 To love, hugs, and our dreams, CC. ❤


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