Of Budgets and Livewire Freakouts


Okay, now that is just crazy. o.O

I just calculated (a quick sum in my head) the rounded-off amount of money I need for AP MUN, and it amounted to approximately (daaaym, I sound like a mathematician, hollerrr):

Accommodation: P14,000

Plane Fare from CdO to Bangkok: P12,000

Food for one week in another country: P5,000

Transportation in Bangkok and everywhere: P2,000

Operating expenses: P700

Emergency fund: P3,370

TOTAL: P37,070 or (rounded off) P37,100

Mother of jeebers, where the heck am I gonna look for P37,100?!?

Gosh, I am dead meat on a barbecue stick. -___-

Where the heck am I gonna find P37,100!??

Gaaaaaaah. >.<

That number is seriously wack. But hey, I can do this. Gotta stay positive, positibo, lahat ay posible! Kaya ko ‘to, wraar. :O

Maaaan, where the heck am I gonna get P37,100 on my owwwn. xD

Dude, this is highteningly becoming fun. Okay. I’m cool.

‘Kay. Where am I gonna find P37,100. Hmm…

I already have pretty stable information about fundraising…thanks to my friend Renato and his fundraising tips and advice.

Me and Renato

That’s me and Rens over therrre. ^__^

I just need to get my act together and actually start doing something now. I’ve spent the last few days hamming it up in front of the laptop, surfing myself to waste. NOTE: The Internet is your number one temptation now. (And thus, the ironyyy; how am I gonna keep up me blog if wordpress’ a temptation, eh? Sigh. <:c)

Okay, gotta get a grip hold. I can do this! I am stroowwwng. I am ColleenCarylLeslieC.Torres. I am beast! o.O

Okay, I’m gonna do this! I’m gonna be able to raise P37,100 by myself (with the help of very kind and affectionate friends and family, of course). I am gonna climb ‘zis mountain!

Okay! I’m alright now. Whew! 🙂

Here’s for the next two months! ^__^


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