First Entry ♥


Journal entries. These are just journal entries.


Okay, I didn’t mean that in an almost “discriminatory” journal-writing-is-so-unimportant sort of way. It’s just that, I’ve just been so encroached in Facebook lately – being too careful about what to write, caring too much if people are going to think my status is too-much-information or too-uncool-and-uncomfortable-to-read – that I’ve somehow forgotten what it was like to experience the sweet liberation of uninhibited writing that can be freely experienced in journal writing.

Don’tgetmewrong, I’m not trying to advocate for too much un-inhibition here. On a significant note, it is important to be careful about what you write on the Internet and it is a must to review what you post; I mean, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and (most importantly) reputation here or anything.

But too much caution when it comes to Internet writing can also lead you to lose your real-ness and authenticity. In this generation of ours (I’m already sounding so cliché! xD), we have been so blinded by the importance of keeping it “short and simple” to the point that things have become too impersonal. Yeah, we want to “share” things and we want to update the important people in our lives on what’s been happening, but to the point of caring too much if our posts get too many or too little Likes, as if the criteria we use to determine the deservability of our thoughts is through how many people click a thumbs-up icon on our Facebook statuses? This just makes me think there’s something wrong with the way human thoughts are being valued today.

So, my proposition is: let’s keep it (as always) balanced. Face it, we do want to be real, but we don’t want to be too real that we start to give people detailed accounts on what we did with our boyfriends/girlfriends last night or anything like that. At that idea, some things should remain private. But we also shouldn’t forget that having some good, clean, and authentic writing fun is also important. In short, balance. Simple enough to understand, perhaps?

I welcome you all to “CC to Siam”. At this point, I’m lagging on what to write next because I haven’t really gotten used to revealing much about my life on the Internet (so okay, I am a private person), but the best part about this blog (and the freedom of choice, really) is that I don’t have to share anything I don’t want to share. Sounds a bit contradictory to what I just said above, right? But, well, let’s just say, the fact that I do have a choice to be demure on some things helps me to open up more on what to share in the future. So yeah in a way, it’s a fireworks situation! Or not? x))

Welcome, everyone, to “CC to Siam”! This is my speck in the Net, where challenges and life solutions, embarrassing moments and toe-curdling junctures, glory days and days of defeat, will converge together to chronicle a hopefully-authentic retelling of how a 19 year old girl from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines battled the challenges (fundraising, intellectual preparation, and all things geekily awesome) of making it to Khlong Luang, Bangkok, Thailand to attend the first Asia Pacific Model United Nations (APMUN) on 20 to 24 September 2012.

Journal entries start now. Fireworks! xD

(Actually, journal entries shoulda started last July 5th when my dad accompanied me to finally pay the registration fee for the APMUN. But whatever, now’s good, too. :D)


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